Founded in 2012, Uliana Dino is an exquisite clothing brand that is made to empower the wearer. The traditional craft of dressmaking is translated into modern silhouettes, textiles, and details. Uliana Dino does not compromise either on quality or sustainable production.

Uliana moved to the US over a decade ago to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. Since then, she produced hundreds of garments and presented them in dozens of fashion shows. Uliana learned how to sew at the age of 6 and spent hours at a knitwear factory where her mom used to work.

Currently, Uliana is applying her business acumen to market top fashion brands in New York. Her passion for sustainability and technology inspired her to explore the possibilities of 3D design and bridge the gap between digital and physical garments. In addition, Uliana loves experimenting with different handmade techniques whether it is tambour beading or couture tailoring.

If you have that perfect dress in mind, she can make it happen.


  • Most Innovative Design Award for Hollywood Glam-inspired evening gown;
  • Best Interpretation of the Theme at Titanic the Exhibition Fashion Show, created with a fellow designer a hand-beaded Edwardian-inspired evening gown;
  • Runway to Hope Design Challenge Award, collaborated with a partner to produce a steampunk ensemble for a teenage cancer survivor.